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Bone and Joint

Bone and Joint

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Bone & Joint
By Maxwell Pet Equine 
Maxwell Pet Equine Bone and Joint promotes strong bones and healthy joints in equines of all ages. Our natural blend enhances the body’s normal repair of joints and connective tissue and assists in remineralizing bone. Originally formulated for Navicular Syndrome, Bone and Joint is helpful for Ringbone and most types of arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis and various musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

Contains a proprietary blend of Blackberry Vine young shoots; European Grape Vine buds; Giant Redwood young shoots; Mountain Pine buds; Red Spruce buds; Wild Woodvine young shoots; Calcaire de Versaille; Quadratic Feldspar; Cartilage extract, potentized; Parathyroid extract, potentized in a base of glycerin, purified water and 15% alcohol USP. 

Our proprietary process produces the first and only natural remedies for equines that combine plant stem-cell therapy, immediately absorbable minerals and tissue stimulation in one safe and effective product. The ingredients have been scientifically tested and clinically proven.

Directions for Use: 2 pumps (approximately 3.0 mL) in feed twice daily. Additional doses may be given as needed. Any Maxwell Pet Equine formulas can be given together at the same time.


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